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Asphalt polyester geogrid are geosynthetic material made of polyester geogrid and laminated with ultralight non-woven geotextile especially designed for Asphalt reinforcement.


It features consistently high tensile strength and modules excellent resistance to construction damages
and environmental exposure. Furthermore, the geometry of asphalt geogrid allows strong friction with the
asphalt layer.


The high tenacity polyester as a raw material is often chosen because of the high compatibility of its mechanical behaviour to the modulus of  asphalt and its good behavior under dynamic loads. To delay the development of reflective cracks, an asphalt reinforcement grid can be placed before the new asphalt wearing course.

High modulus polyester (PET) is a flexible raw material with a maximum tensile strain less than 12%. The coefficients of thermal expansion of polyester and asphalt (bitumen) are very similar. This leads to very small internal stresses between the PET fibers and the surrounding asphalt (similar to reinforced concrete). For this reason Polyester does not act as an extrinsic material in the asphalt package.



• Asphalt reinforcement must resist as much damage as possible from the stresses and strains applied during installation and overlaying / compaction of the asphalt.
• Asphalt geogrid also contributes to the saving of embodied carbon dioxide to almost 63% per year of the design life.
• Reduced surface rutting
• Control of different settlement cracking
• Longer operational life