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E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids are polypropylene geogrids manufactured from a unique process of extrusion and biaxial orientation and have high tensile strength and optimized geometry of nodes and ribs.

The reinforcing action of E’GRID Geogrids lies mainly in :

(i) Soil stabilization by confining soil and increasing its shearing resistance by a process of interlocking between the square ribs and the soil.

(ii) Reinforces pavement systems when used at the base-subgrade interface of the pavement structure due to its relatively high stiffness. Also the interlocking (friction) between the aggregate-geogrid and soil-geogrid minimizes the lateral spreading of the aggregate, which maintains its integrity. The base layer unbound material restrained movement is considered the most important contribution to increase the layer stiffness.

The load dispersal from the interlocking mechanisms are highly effective and can reduce sub-base thickness.


Provides safe and cost effective solutions to soil reinforcement and foundation engineering problems for their maximum benefit whilst mitigating the impact on the environment.

E’GRID Geogrids to save the environment with these products that can assist the necessity of building new infrastructures with great respect to the natural world.



• Geogrids can be used to stabilize the soil below the foundation mainly in shallow foundation.
• The subgrade, which is the most important load bearing strata, is made solid and strong by the geogrids. The problem of soft subgrade can be solved by this method.
• Reinforcement of pavement base: The thickness of base if increased would increase the stiffness of base. But increasing thickness enormously is not economical. The reinforcement to a given base layer would give