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Flo cells are modular drainage panels suitable for a range of applications. It is composed mostly of recycled polypropylene and proprietary materials. It plays a vital role as a protective membrane for waterproofing and provides ventilation for concrete slabs which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking.

They function as water filters and is ideal for releasing clean water into the environment. Flo cells are also an effective option for venting and maintaining consistent temperature on a surface as it creates a long term air pocket that will not crush over time.


• The strong design ensures long time durability and it has a load capacity
up to 4000 t/m2 and hence may be used in road applications.
• They promote root growth by maintaining regular surface temperature unlike concrete pavers that absorb and retain heat which scorn the grass roots.
• Its permeable surface permits surface water absorption and filtration and hence helps in drainage.
• Offers high compressive strength, lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional methods.
• Efficient Water Management as it removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture.
• Has excellent long term durability and is resistant to all ground chemicals.



• Access Roads
• Driveways
• Residential Parking
• Pathways
• Aircraft Taxiways