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Geocomposites are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) laminated by polypropylene (PP) geotextile on one side.


Main Uses:

• Horizontal drainage of embankments and roads, railway and tram tracks  and other trafficked areas
• Vertical drainage of retaining structures, bridges, tunnels and other  underground constructions
• Drainage of playgrounds, waste deposits, landfills etc.
• Effective drainage geocomposite with long life span
• High drainage capacity even under pressure



Geocomposite used as barriers / separation layers to separate and contain polluted Soil or waste and avoid migration of pollutants to the surrounding soil or waste and avoid migration of pollutants to the surrounding soil or water.

They can be mounted on solid frames to build below ground physical barriers i.e. separation walls. In railways applications, geocomposites can replace the sand layers separating the track ballast from the foundation, performing the same function of stopping the upward migration of Fines.Used in trenches alongside high-ways, behind retaining walls and bridge abutments, under embankments build over compressive soils etc.Leachate in landfill, pond living, drainage where frost leave or salt migration problem, main forced walls or slope. highway pavement, airfield pavement and Railroad right -of- way.