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Rainwater soakaway systems are a traditional way of disposing surface water from buildings. Modular water storage cells or Soakaway crates have taken the principals of construction of the traditional drainage system and refined them. They are most commonly used for infiltration, where rainwater feeds into the soakaway structure and slowly filters back into the surrounding soil, they can also be used for rainwater recycling.

They are very handy products that effectively take the place of the rubble infill in the soakaway pit. The two different colours of green and blue that they come in where the green soakaway crate can be used in non traffic areas as they are not built to take the weight of a vehicle and the blue ones can be used in traffic areas such as under driveways etc

The soakaway crates are fixed together using small tubes and Non-woven geotextile membrane is used to wrap the outer faces of the crates. This membrane allows permeation of the water at the same time as preventing any thicker consistency, such as soil, from washing through. This ensures that the soakaway is prevented from fragility without this protection to the membrane, the efficiency of the installation is likely to reduce drastically.


Areas such as sports fields use a huge amount of water in irrigation. Catching this water as it drains, collecting it and reusing is not only a sensible environmental solution, it represents a huge cost saving.

Water can be collected over a wide area and channeled into collection points.